Tips to Get Comprehensive Bike Insurance for Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield is today recognized as “the oldest global motorcycle brand in continuous production”. First produced in the 1901 by Madras Motors, the Royal Enfield brand is now a subsidiary of Eicher Motors since 1994. The Royal Enfield Bullet, commonly known as the “Bullet” is possibly one of the most iconic and powerful bikes on Indian roads. Nevertheless and irrespective of your bike, you need to get a good bike insurance policy for your Royal Enfield bike.

Royal Enfield bikes offer great mobility on the diverse roads and terrains of India. However, they are also vulnerable to accidents, theft and natural disasters and calamities. Moreover, travelling without a legitimate bike insurance policy is a punishable offence. While you can avail myriad kinds of third-party bike insurance policies, there are a range of comprehensive insurance policies that you can obtain forW your Royal Enfield bike. Comprehensive two wheeler insurance will not only cover third-party liability but also financial losses due to vehicle theft, accident damage and many other circumstances. Comprehensive insurance policies also cover personal injuries to the driver/owner of the vehicle. Below, we will look at how you can get a comprehensive insurance policy for your Royal Enfield bike.

Getting a Comprehensive Insurance Policy for your Royal Enfield

A comprehensive bike insurance policy protects you against a variety of mishaps, accidents and unforeseen circumstances. However, if you have decided finally to get your bike insured or the policy renewed, it is advisable to get a comprehensive Royal Enfield insurance policy. You can get an insurance policy for your Royal Enfield bike either online or offline.

  1. Online:If you wish to get your two-wheeler insurance through online portals, you will need to visit the website of the company that you choose to be your insurer. To get an insurance policy, you will firstly need to enter the model and specifications of your Royal Enfield bike with some personal details and the premium that you want to pay. After this, you will need to complete the payment process in order to generate and receive your insurance policy which will be sent to your registered email ID. You can also visit the website of any third-party website and enter the required details to review and compare the range of insurance plans that are available for two-wheelers.
  2. Offline: Alternatively, you can do a comparative analysis of the various bike and two-wheeler insurance policies that are available and visit a dealer or agent to get to know more about them. Subsequently, you can visit a third-party provider and choose the right policy for you.

To choose a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy, you will need to be sure about the coverage requirements, cubic capacity of the bike and the insurance declared value. It is also suggested to look at online reviews and feedbacks of various two-wheeler insurance policies that are available today. While reviews are not always reliable, they can also give you a good direction while also providing a good foundation to launch your search from. Get a comprehensive Royal Enfield insurance today.