Registering Aircraft in Malta – What Are the Benefits 

Malta has a strategic geographical position that means a lot to its aviation industry in terms of various economic opportunities. The significance of the Malta aviation zone has led the authorities to move toward the development of an aviation framework aiming to enhance aircraft registration and aircraft operator permit.

Investors and entrepreneurs seeking to register their aircraft in Malta can enjoy the rewards of aircraft registration on this island.

  • Registering an aircraft in Malta gives you acknowledgment of fractional ownership interests of the plane.
  • It lets you take advantage of innovative aviation arrangements like the chances of registering aircraft while it is still in the construction process.
  • You get the legitimate registration of irreversible de-registration and transfer power of attorney. It is also possible to acquire special power of attorney as security over your aircraft and its parts.
  • Malta-based companies including aviation and non-aviation may take advantage of an extensive tax treaty network in over 70 jurisdictions, such as the United States.
  • Aircraft registration Malta has no restriction on the nationality of directors and shareholders of Maltese aviation businesses.
  • You can enjoy competitive social security rates after having an aircraft registration Malta in hand.
  • Individuals within the aviation industry can benefit from industrial space within the Safi Aviation Park.
  • You can take part in research and development schemes designed for aviation projects.

Malta aims to position itself as one of the major aviation hubs in the European Union by strengthening its aviation registry. The current Maltese aviation legislature offers the aviation zone a solid foundation which is further complemented by the competitive registration costs and a favorable corporate structure. The best part of Maltese aviation is that the authorities have a practical understanding of the aviation sector which allows the current aviation framework to provide many benefits to those individuals who look to register an aircraft in the country.