Is Regular Bike Insurance Sufficient if You Own a Sports Bike?

Commuting on stuffy roads with heavy traffic has been a problem for a long time. To deal with the problems of heavy traffic, many have opted for two-wheelers. Two-wheelers are one of the best ways to cover small-distance travel and daily commutes. They also help us reduce our reliance on public transportation. However, it is important to ensure two-wheeler owners take extra precautions to safeguard their vehicles. One of the best ways to ensure the safety of a two-wheeler is by getting a two wheeler insurance policy.

With bike insurance, your vehicle will be protected from unfortunate events. Through these insurance plans, you will get financial support if your vehicle meets with an accident. A lot of insurance companies have launched their official website to help bike owners purchase online bike insurance. For instance, you can get the TATA AIG bike insurance online by visiting their official website. These websites also allow the two-wheeler policy renewal online.

What are superbikes?

There are various types of two-wheelers available in the country. Customers also have different aspirations about their dream two-wheelers. They wish to experience the sheer strength of a strong engine and enjoy the sensation of high speeds on long, clear roads. Out of the different two-wheelers available, superbikes help them achieve these goals.

Superbikes and sport bikes are designed to assist the driver in achieving great speeds and comfortable handling. With such an extreme vehicle, it is important to get an adequate insurance policy for the vehicle.

Do you need insurance for a sports bike?

Yes, a sports bike does need an insurance policy. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, every vehicle on the road must have valid bike insurance. Along with this, getting bike insurance will help you deal with repairs after an accident.

Is regular bike insurance sufficient for sports bikes?

Sports bikes require special insurance plans that can offer an exclusive risk cover compared to an average bike insurance policy. However, the exclusions listed in the regular bike insurance plan should not be overlooked, as they may cost you later.

You must get a comprehensive insurance plan for your sports bike. Your comprehensive insurance plan will protect your vehicle and any third parties who have been affected by an accident caused by your bike. Along with this, you must also include important add-ons to your insurance plan to get suitable coverage.

Insurance advisors recommend that purchasing value-added and customized coverage apart from the basic bike insurance coverage will help the policyholder protect their vehicle extensively. While the compulsory third-party liability cover protects the bike owner from death liabilities, body injuries or damage to third parties, there are specific add-on covers that may be optional but are extremely important. They can help you turn average bike insurance into a customized mountain bike sports insurance. The add-on covers will secure the bike against other issues, no matter how big or small they are.

What add-on features should I include in a superbike insurance plan?

One of the benefits of including add-ons to your insurance plan is that they will provide decent coverage and benefit at affordable costs. There are several add-ons available. You must choose the one that matches your insurance requirements. Some examples are passenger cover, pillion coverage, Zero Depreciation coverage, etc. There are many other covers available that can be included at an extra premium.

The insurance plan premium will be decided based on the add-on covers included. Therefore, the premium may be different at different insurers.

  1. Zero depreciation:

The zero-depreciation cover is also sometimes called the ‘bumper to bumper’ add-on. If you own a sports bike, getting the zero-depreciation cover is extremely important. If you use your sports bike, the general wear and tear on the vehicle is not covered by the normal two-wheeler insurance plan. When you raise a claim under the normal bike insurance plan, the top two-wheeler insurance companies depreciate an amount equal to the bike’s current market price keeping in mind the general wear and tear and reimburse the remaining amount.

  1. Daily cash allowance cover:

If you rely a lot on your superbike, the daily allowance payment cover may benefit you. For example, if your vehicle is damaged quite a lot and requires repairs instantly, you may be left without transport, which will lead to extra expenses for the regular commute. Thus, if you have a daily allowance cover, you can opt for a predefined daily allowance if the requirement arises.

  1. Pillion coverage add-on:

With this add-on, you can ensure that the individuals riding behind you will be covered during an unfortunate event. For example, suppose you and the pillion rider are involved in an accident that causes the death or disability of the pillion rider. In that case, the add-on will offer a prefixed allowance to the individual’s family or to them if they’re only disabled. In addition, the cover is applicable for all pillion riders. Therefore, if a superbike owner moves around frequently with pillion riders, getting the pillion rider coverage will be quite an efficient choice.


Thus, if you own a bike, you must take sufficient measures to protect it from unfortunate events like accidents. One of the most optimal ways to protect your bike from such unforeseen events is by getting an average sportbike insurance policy.  However, if you’re a sports bike owner, you can purchase add-ons to the plan to ensure that you get additional coverage under your insurance plan. Although add-ons to your bike insurance plan may increase the premium amount, your superbike is well protected from huge expenses.