The reality of Sports Content: who makes it fresh?

The main problem with the coverage of sports events in the media is a narrow segment. Most often, publications and resources focus only on the achievements of reputable athletes. Few of the modern sources pay attention to amateur types of competitions, children’s tournaments and so on. Such events are not particularly popular with sports resources because it is necessary to pay attention to more rated events in sports.

There are still other nuances, for example, the inability to create a truly interesting and exciting product dedicated to sports. After all, everything depends not on the topic, but the presentation of the material. According to statistics, the current website user’s attention span rests around eight seconds on average. If the material did not attract the attention of the user, then the entire resource as a whole suffers from a lack of audience afterwards.

BETER: the leading provider of engaging content 

BETER empowers Setka Cup and ESportsBattle tournaments. These sports platforms take seriously their obligation to prepare sports and esports content. For example, Setka Cup offers livestreamed tournaments with 120 000 monthly. Besides it, the international sports platform provides the audience with interviews, news, reviews and the best sports moments. These materials show that the brand knows how to create fresh content to engage fans, sportsbooks and so on.

ESportsBattle provides events that are live streamed 24/7/365. The content platform is in demand among leading betting providers and attracts 30+M bettors in 150+countries every month. The platform’s product ESportsBattle | Football is one of the most popular efootball events content among bettors in the world.

To remain a leader in the sports industry market, it is important to keep your finger on the pulse at all times. Rare or lucky are those who find it.  At least one company named BETER  has registered successes in this field.