All You Should Know About Oncologists

You or your loved one is likely to consult an oncologist when your doctor suspects cancer. In most cases, this will happen after your doctor has confirmed those suspicions with tests. If your doctor has recommended seeing an oncologist, you shouldn’t waste time. Go there as soon as possible.

What is an oncologist? 

An oncologist is a qualified doctor who specializes in treating cancer. There are different types of oncologists, such as blood cancer specialists, hematologists-oncologists, gynecologic oncologists, radiation specialists, and more.

Types of oncologists that you should know include:

Medical oncologists 

These types of oncologists normally use chemotherapy to treat cancer. Some use hormonal therapies, others use biological therapies, and a variety of other treatments. Over and above that, they also help you manage side effects and beat cancer.

Radiation oncologists 

Radiation oncologists specialize in high-energy photon beams to fight cancer cells.

​​Surgical oncologists 

Then you get surgical oncologists that specialize in performing biopsies to remove a small section of tissue so it can be checked for cancer cells. Once they confirm you have a cancer tumor, they help you remove it as well.

Pediatric oncologists 

Pediatric oncologists specialize in diagnosing and treating children who have cancer.

Gynecologic oncologists 

You will see a gynecologic oncologist if you are a woman diagnosed with ovarian, cervical, uterine, vaginal and vulvar cancers. There are other specialists as well. Search “oncologist Newport Beach Newport Beach” and choose the right oncologist for you.