Easy Ways to Be a Better Leader

There are several qualities that you can work on to increase your capacity to lead. Great leadership can be honed by tweaking a series of patterns. If you notice the ways that you fall short, you can easily improve your leadership skills.

Give Praise

People are motivated by praise, so be generous with compliments. If you have subordinates who need a boost, they will improve according to social rewards. People are likely to replicate the behavior that reinforces a positive comment. They feel the need to live up to the great things being said about them. Make sure that your praise is genuinely acknowledging someone’s best qualities, and you’ll see how much more he or she will demonstrate that attribute. Another way to give praise is by showing gratitude. A little goes a long way, and your “thank you” doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. Try sending small gift cards or thank you notes. You can even send them a thoughtful and personal email for no cost.

Protect Your Mental Energy

Leaders don’t waste time using energy on activities that won’t move them along. If you are procrastinating or allowing your mind to wander, you are utilizing mental energy that you may not get back. If you’ve spent your precious hours on something unproductive, you won’t have the mental strength to focus on what matters. When you do need a break, avoid scrolling through social media, as this does nothing for your mind. Activities like meditation and exercise are ways to give your thinking mind a break while also strengthening your brain. The less time you waste engaging in activities that derail your goals, the more time you’ll have to devote to those that promote self-improvement.

Keep Learning

Leaders are lifelong students. They don’t fall into complacency, but rather continue seeking wisdom. You should be constantly reading, attending conferences and doing anything else that furthers your education. This helps you to identify qualities that could make you more successful. Train yourself to improve on those qualities through diligent practice. Maintaining curiosity is a great way to ensure that you don’t get stale amidst your daily duties.

Amazing leaders know how to capitalize on their innate qualities, but they also are willing to learn what doesn’t come naturally. You can become a better leader by turning these tips into regular habits. Those habits will become part of your core leadership style.