Easy, Doable Steps in Sending Gifts Internationally

Sending gifts will never go out of style. Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, whatever the occasion is, there will always be a perfect gift that will embody what words fail to say. Distance should not hinder anybody from doing the practice even if they are away from their loved ones.

Here is a short article that hopefully can guide you from choosing gifts to tracking your package until it reaches the doorstep of its recipient in another country:

Know which items are allowed and not allowed in the country of destination. 

Authorities have made the rules for shipping abroad more transparent and more comfortable to follow for everybody. In general, perishable goods are the least priority and should not be sent long distances. Food that may spoil during shipping or those not preserved in a jar is not allowed. Alcoholic beverages are strongly prohibited.

You can still send food as long as they stay within the following conditions:

  1. the item must always be inside its original product packaging
  2. One should see the list of ingredients on its food label
  3. Its shelf life must be longer than six months during the time of shipping.

Meanwhile, each country has its own set of restrictions, and there are specific non-perishable goods that are not allowed. Some of these goods include perfumes, lighters, photographic supplies, and lithium batteries. You should also check the guidelines dictating the allowed quantity for each product.

Choose the shipping courier that can successfully deliver your package. 

The shipping and sending industry has made significant progress with the increasing number of couriers in the market. Consider the time and budget you allowed for your package. It is best to determine the urgency of the delivery and settle for the courier to ideally fulfill your desired delivery date.

Be aware of delivery deadlines, national holidays, or the current weather condition that may hamper your gift’s prompt delivery date. The population of a city may also be a factor. For example, in Boise, Idaho, one may experience delays considering that it is a populous city. Check the most convenient courier options that received good reviews and have been proven to deliver efficiently. ;

Know the limitations for each courier and the list of countries that they can reach.

Consider couriers with advanced systems designed for international shipping. These kinds of applications help you validate if the address is reachable by the courier.

You might want to check each destination country and its perks to the senders. Many countries provide duty-free/tax-free for shipment of gifts that do not go beyond a certain amount. Packages that are below $100 may enjoy gift exemption in the US. Canada also grants gift exemption for packages worth CAD$60 or less.

Properly package your gift for international shipping. 

Gifts that will travel across oceans and continents should be securely packed to withstand any outside pressure that comes with the journey. Here are a few suggestions on how to do it.

  • Provide a sturdy box that can accommodate your gift. Consider packaging chips or newspapers that will create a buffer between the presents and the box walls. Also, erase any barcodes or labels outside the box to avoid confusion with the shipping personnel.
  • Whether it is enclosed in a jar or box, parcels need individual wrapping and protection before placing all of them in one package. There is always an option to provide an extra cushion in scrap newspapers, foam, plastic bags, or bubble wrap.
  • Consider securing flaps or hinges with packaging tape to add more protection. To test if the package is strong enough, try lifting it and check if the contents inside do not bump into each other. ;
  • Upon sending, give clear instructions to the handler and honestly declare the package’s contents to better care of your shipment.

Keep your eye on your package even after shipping. 

  • Track the progress of the parcel’s delivery using a tracking number. An efficient courier can provide you with real-time tracking information that satisfies your regular inquiry. You may also call the company’s customer service in case this happens.
  • Before sending, consider buying insurance for your gifts. Some couriers conveniently attach insurance as part of their service.
  • Ask for an estimated delivery time from the courier. This period will set your expectations and will also be helpful for the gift’s receiver to keep track of the parcel.
  • A return address is always helpful just in case the package will not reach its destination. The information would let the handlers know where to send it back and avoid losing it midway.

Love knows no walls nor oceans. Make your loved ones feel special even if they are far away. Before sending any gifts, make sure to know the rules and protocols involved in international shipping. Anticipate any delays, setbacks, or returns and prepare a backup plan along the way.